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Sharing Our Story

We believe that sharing my story is important. By spreading the word about my life and my work, I hope to encourage all people to accept and love each other, no matter who we are or how we’re born. Most importantly, I hope to inspire individuals with Down Syndrome—and people of all abilities—to know that they can do anything!

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Woman with Down syndrome starts nonprofit

Entrepreneur Helps Babies with Down syndrome

Brittany's Baskets of Hope
Making a Difference

12 Making a Difference in 2016

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New York Woman Brings Gifts to Babies Living With Down Syndrome

How Woman Delivers 'Baskets of Hope' to Babies with Down Syndrome

Why My Friend with Down Syndrome is Not Unique

What 665 Babies With Down Syndrome Have Taught Me



10 Things You Need to Know about Down Syndrome

L'Oreal Paris Calls For Change-Makes with Women of Worth Awards

True Stories of Good People Podcast

A GoFundMe podcast featuring

Brittany Schiavone and Ashley Asti

A fun episode on friendship with my best friend.

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