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"Finding out Oliver had Down syndrome was one of the scariest moments of my life. Getting your basket filled me with so much love and makes me so glad to be a part of the Down syndrome community. What you do is amazing, and I'm glad my little man is one of the lucky few ❤️"
"Brittany's Baskets of Hope has made us feel so welcomed and like we're not alone in our journey. Our son Thomas is 5 months, and was a prenatal diagnosis that was confirmed with an Amniocentesis. It was a roller coaster start, but is turning into such a loving ride! This community is absolutely amazing, and we're lucky to be a part of it!"
"We received the most beautiful basket of goodies shortly after our Rockin' kiddo arrived and it was so special! Thank you so much for welcoming our little guy into the world and making him (and us) feel so loved!"
"Brittany's Baskets of Hope gave my team a way to express our gratitude to our manager by contributing to a wonderful organization that helps families that are blessed with tiny extraordinary humans. This cause is near and dear to him. Thank you for the amazing things you do and giving us all a reason to smile. "
—Amber McKinney, donor
"When we first had Gabriella we really didn't really have any communication with anyone else who had a child with Down syndrome. Receiving this basket had a lot of information in it and amazing books to learn from. All the extra little gifts were so special as well because we felt the love even though we never got to meet in person. Anyone who has a child with Down syndrome knows the feeling I'm talking about. It's a bond you immediately make especially when someone is celebrating your child born with Down syndrome because most people don't know what to say. We appreciated it so much and we were able to connect with so many amazing families since. Thank you Brittany's Baskets of Hope for everything you continue to do. We appreciate you so much! Xoxo"
—Erica DiVario
"Scarlett and her family is so thankful for Brittany's basket. We love the support and love you share with our little warriors  ❤️"
"I heard about Brittany's Baskets of Hope from another local mom who has a daughter with Down syndrome. I actually followed Brittany and read various stories from families for a few months before requesting our basket. Our daughter 'E' received her basket fairly quickly after requesting one. We were overjoyed with everything that was included. The onesies were perfect for our little girl, especially the "Down Right Perfect" one. We read the little book often and 'E' loves holding on to it and looking at pictures. Not sure if Brittany and her team are really intuitive or have a secret super power but there was a little brush set with Belle on it and guess what? E's room is Beauty and the Beast themed! How cool was that! We are so appreciative of everything along with the supportive and inspirational messages from Brittany and others. "
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