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True Stories of Good People

We're on a podcast!

Back in March, right before the pandemic closed down travel in New York City, Ashley and I took the train into the Big Apple to meet Kelsea Little, the host and producer of True Stories of Good People.

This podcast is a GoFundMe Heroes production, and I was honored as one of the GoFundMe Heroes of the Month.

On the podcast, Ashley and I chat about our work, why it's meaningful to us, our friendship, and we even dish on the celebrities we met at the L'Oreal Women of Worth Gala back in December 2019.

Tune in to the podcast here (or wherever you get your podcasts).

Read the GoFundMe Heroes story here.

For a sneak peek of the episode, listen to the 1 minute clip below of Ashley and I laughing and talking about, as I said, "the wild stuff" we do as friends:

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