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6 Ways to Support Us for Free

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

You can make a difference without giving a dime. While we rely on donations to help us

impact the lives of families with babies with Down syndrome across the country, we also rely on a lot more.

Here are 6 ways to spread the love without donating a single dollar:

1. Use AmazonSmile

If you're like us, you've shifted more of your shopping over to Amazon. By switching over to AmazonSmile, you'll be supporting us without spending anything extra. When you choose Brittany’s Baskets of Hope as your AmazonSmile charity of choice, Amazon will donate a portion of every purchase you make to us.

2. Start a Facebook Fundraiser

In a few easy clicks, you can start a Facebook Fundraiser and invite your friends and followers to join in. There's no cost to you and no requirement to donate personally.

Starting a Facebook Fundraiser is simple. Follow these steps and, voila, you're set!

3. Follow Us on Social Media

All it takes is one click to help us reach more people with our message and join in our community with no obligation on your part (other than to enjoy photos of cute babies every day!).

Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

4. Share our Social Media Posts

Did a precious Instagram post of one of our babies make you say Awww? With one click, you can share it to your IG Stories.

Like a message we tweeted? Click "retweet" and spread the love.

Same goes with Facebook.

The simple choice to share can help new families and supporters discover our organization and mission for the first time.

5. Create an Original Post

Sometimes, just sharing one of our social media posts doesn't quite capture how you feel. Instead, write a brief post of your own explaining why you care about our mission or how Brittany and Brittany’s Baskets of Hope have impacted you.

These posts mean the world to us!

And be sure to tag us in your post: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

6. Leave a Review

A kind and thoughtful review can make all the difference when it comes to gaining people's trust and confidence. If you've had a personal experience with Brittany’s Baskets of Hope that has touched you, take a moment to leave a review on Facebook or Google. Your words will have a big impact!

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